Our History

Angie was working for a national jewelry chain and was one of the top sales persons in the nation. One day the store did not have very many folks coming in and she was concerned that she was not going to make her sales goals for the day, or even the year. All of us have experienced times when we worry about one thing and then all of a sudden our life becomes one big worry. Angie called Brad and shared with him how disturbed she was with the lack of traffic in the store and her concern about making her sales goals. Brad shared with Angie that today is only one day and that she would have plenty of chances to generate sales. Then Brad told Angie to “Just be happy... and have fun!”

This statement impacted her so much she went to the local five and dime store and picked up a 5”x7” blank puzzle. She wrote the words “Just be happy…and have fun” with sayings of “love you” and red lips painted on the puzzle. Angie packaged the puzzle and sent it to Brad.

When Brad received the puzzle, he put it together and read what it said. Brad called Angie and thanked her for the puzzle. He said that he was going to hang the puzzle on his wall behind his desk. That way everyone in the office would read it and think about the statement. Brad hoped that every person who read the statement would have a brighter day. Angie was very embarrassed at first because she thought the “love you” and kisses on the puzzle were silly.

Brad hung the puzzle on the wall anyway. In fact, he did not even remember saying “Just be Happy …and have fun”! After thanking her for the puzzle, Brad shared with Angie that when they have their own business the company slogan will be “Just be Happy… and have fun”! They would share this slogan with as many people as possible by selling t-shirts, cups, and more!

* * *

On a summer morning in 2001 Brad and Angie stopped at a bagel shop in Des Moines. They filled their tummies with coffee, bagels and Dr. Pepper (for Brad) Leaving the bagel shop with bagels in hand and Angie enjoying her steaming cup of coffee, Brad was struck by an idea.

“I finally figured out what Clear Lake needs downtown!”

Angie asked, “What! What?”

Brad responded, “An upscale coffee and bagel shop!”

Excitedly, Angie responded, “You know, you’re right!”

On the way back to Clear Lake, Angie came up with the name of the company, Cabin Coffee Company. With the help of Brad and Abbie, they decided the store would be a log cabin with a western twist, inspired by Carol Cartwright, giving customers a warm and cozy environment to relax in. To make it a place for the entire family, Abbie suggested the Kids Korrall.

The plans for Cabin Coffee Company were all made within a month, with funding and a location intact. However, the day the loan was approved Brad was laid off from his job, and the plans were put on hold. A little over a year later, Brad and Angie took possession of their first location on October 3, 2002. With the help of dedicated friends and family they opened Cabin Coffee Company two months later on December 6, 2002, just in time for Christmas by the Lake.